Dr Mish Seabrook

Psychotherapy & Supervision

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Bridging the gap between 

your professional and personal wellbeing.

Bespoke psychotherapy & supervision

Having worked within the helping professions since late 1990's, I use my experience, insight and professional therapeutic training to offer you tailor-made psychotherapy and supervision consultancy and support.

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What I do


My bespoke trauma informed 

supervision services

Trauma informed supervision consultancy  for supervisors:

Who supervisors the supervisors? How do you maintain your professional standards in supervision? How often do you reflect, adapt and elevate your practice so that you provide supervision of good quality to those you supervise, so that they can continue to provide good quality work to their clients? How do you provide trauma informed supervision?

I offer bespoke supervision consultancy specifically for supervisors in order to maintain wellness and good practice. Providing a professional space for learning, reflection and growth.


For professionals that help others:

If you are a counsellor  psychotherapist, psychologist, coach, work in medical settings, education, social care, pastoral, ministry or emergency services, you need professional, independent supervision, so that you can continue to maintain resiliency, good practice and to work in a trauma informed perspective. 


You may be experiencing burnout, workplace stress, strained resources and with minimal time to reflect on your overall wellbeing.


Supervision at work is usually focussed on organisational targets, with little attention given to personal factors that may be impacting on your work.


Perhaps you 'keep going' until you burnout, and if you are in a role that helps others you may experience symptoms of vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue. You may have issues in your personal life that are not being addressed and are impacting negatively on your professional role all. Do you 'keep going' until you hit crisis?

I support an environment or workplace culture that places the wellbeing of practitioners as a priority. 


How I help you to continue to help others:

My philosophy is that prevention is key and by putting your wellbeing at the heart of what you do, so that both your professional and personal life will benefit. 


I provide a reflective, restorative and trauma informed supervision space, with strategies and techniques to help optimise  professional and personal wellbeing. 

I use a combination of skills and experience to work with you and/or the organisation to determine the aims of the supervision space, well-being needs, motivation, relationship patterns, overall health and develop protective factors to increase and maintain professional resilience and personal wellbeing, so t that you can continue to deliver good quality interventions.

Bespoke psychotherapy sessions

You may be experiencing symptoms of stress, burnout, anxiety or depression.


You may have experienced trauma in the past.


I offer a professional, warm, real, yet challenging space to reflect on your experiences. Whilst drawing upon my wide variety of skills to help you to work out what you might be able to do and what you could address within the therapy space and in your life, so that you can feel better.

My psychotherapy services can be accessed face-to-face in my consulting room in Leicestershire or in the office in Leicester city centre. Or, I offer online sessions. Please get in touch for my latest availability and fees.

  • One-to-one appointments

  • In person or online

  • Focused on maximising reflection on your resilience, practice and learning.

Organisational Supervision
  • I come to you (in-house)

  • Within work time

  • Bespoke supervision packages for multi-disciplinary professionals

  • Demonstrates a commitment to promoting practitioner resiliency and good practice

  • Including supervising mental health first aiders

Workshops and Training
  • On-site events for in-house CPD

  • Open events for broad range of helping professions

  • Focus on recognising and addressing factors that impact on professional and personal wellness.

I work with.....

Organisations & businesses
Social Care & Health