I am....

What would you like to know? I am a female, mixed race, qualified counsellor & psychotherapist, am based in Leicestershire, I have a cat, I garden, and train in karate twice a week.


My professional expertise comes from experience, training and developing a special interest in the crossover between professional and personal self-care and the value of supervision when you are in a professional helping role. 

I have worked in the helping professions since the late 1990s, including roles in prisons, probation, mental health charities and now for over a decade as a counsellor, psychotherapist and clinical supervisor.

In an ideal world, our professional issues around self-care and personal stressors are separate, but in my experience this is rarely the case. 

Having worked for over 20 years helping others, I know, first hand, the impact that work within the helping professions can have. I have seen skilled practitioners falter due to not having their personal and professional issues managed. 

I am passionate about the importance of your self-care. I believe that all aspects of your 'self' need to be as 'well' as possible in order for you to succeed as a professional and minion balance within your personal life. 

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Qualifications and Experience​

Doctorate (DProf) in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

MA in Counselling

Qualified Probation Officer

(BA & NVQ Level 4)

Certificate in Clinical Supervision 

Certificate in CBT

Ongoing professional development in Motivational Interviewing, working with professional trauma, depression, anxiety, stress management, coaching, etc (the list goes on!)