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I am....

What would you like to know? I am a female, mixed race, qualified and registered counsellor & psychotherapist, a coach and a supervisor. I am based in beautiful Leicestershire. I have a family, a cat, I garden, and like to keep fit.


My professional expertise comes from experience, training and developing a special interest in the crossover between the professional and personal 'self'. I know  the importance of mentoring, support and supervision when you are in a professional helping role, but also across the lifespan of your career. I know the value of having 'fresh eyes' on your business, particularly at times of growth, transition and beginngs/endings.

I have worked in the helping professions since the late 1990s, including roles in prisons, probation, mental health charities and now for over a decade as a counsellor, psychotherapist and clinical supervisor  and more recently a coach. Over the past few years I have seen a rise in being approached for business mentoring and coaching consultancy and I now offer these specialist services to meet this need, alongside my therapeutic work. 

Having worked for over 20 years helping others, I know, first hand, the impact that work within the helping professions can have. I have seen skilled practitioners falter due to not having their personal and professional issues managed. Having run my own business for over a decade I see how important it is to get professional mentoring, coaching and support for growing, developing and pivoting in your business.

I am passionate about the importance of investing in your self. I believe that all aspects of your 'self' need to be as 'well' as possible in order for you to succeed as a professional and maintain  balance within your personal life. In an ideal world, our professional issues around self-care and personal stressors are separate, but in my experience this is rarely the case. 

Psychotherapist & trainer


Doctorate (DProf) in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

MA in Counselling

Qualified Probation Officer

(BA & NVQ Level 4)

Certificate in Clinical Supervision 

Certificate in CBT

Ongoing professional development in Motivational Interviewing, working with professional trauma, depression, anxiety, stress management, coaching, etc (the list goes on!)

Currently completing an accredited diploma in Business Performance and Life Coaching - which will be achieved in 2024.


Regular column on supervision in the BACP Private Practice journal


Article for Therapy Today (BACP practitioner magazine)


Seabrook, M. (2022). ‘The Golden Question’. Addressing supervisee self‐care in clinical supervision. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research.


Seabrook, M. (2023) 'Supervisee self-care in pastoral supervision' in Gubi, P. M. (Ed.). (2023). Enriching awareness and practice in the pastoral and reflective supervision of clergy. Lexington Books.


Seabrook, M. (2019). 5 Unwritten Rules of Self-Care.  Retrieved from


Seabrook, M. (2018). Practising What We Preach. BACP Private Practice Journal, June 2018, 28-29. 


Happiful Magazine - happiful hacks (2021) 5 resilience tips for the frazzled


I have spoken and preseted at a number of events and conferences, plus gusest lectured for 2 universities:


2023 - Guest lecturer at University of Lincoln: lectures focussing on Supervision, and Diversity and Culture.


2022  - Guest lecturer at Bishop Grosseteste University - 10 week Resilience module.

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