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Supervision across professions

You may need....

1) A reflective supervisory place where you can offload 

2) Strategies to help you sustain your wellbeing both professionally and personally

3) Supervision as part of your professional registration, for ethical standards compliance and to adhere to good practice principles

This is where I come in.



For organisations that want to support their staff:

Embedding resilience and wellbeing as a priority will actually save you money, reduce staff turnover, reduce staff stress and therefore impact on sickness levels. It will demonstrate that you are a business/organisation that values staff and goes beyond the 'tick-box' of addressing stress and wellbeing at work.


Promoting good practice and  wellness in organisations comes from the top down. Whether  your organisation remit is to help others, or if you are part of private or public sector, taking your staff's self-care seriously demonstrates a real commitment to their overall wellbeing.


You are investing in the workforce so that they can continue to offer good quality in their work and maintain their wellness. Plus you actively add to the potential to impact on staff sickness and overall productivity.

For those working in roles where you help others:

The theories around the impact of working in the helping professions are well researched and well respected, but in my opinion, the world of the helping professional does not need another phrase or theory that captures this. Instead they need someone who has worked at ground level, who understands the intensity of the work and is able to select from numerous 'tools' to help you help yourself to help others.

You may be working in: education, probation, prisons, healthcare, psychotherapeutic, occupational health, emergency services, ministry, holistic professions, and so on. 

Fees start at £80 per hour. 

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