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 Business & Life coaching

Struggle with the juggle?

Ready, willing and able to benefit from coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative conversation where you and I will look at the 'how' and 'what' you need to do to achieve your goals.

If you're a woman business owner and entrepreneur, who juggles life and work. You have come to the right place! I'm passionate about helping you hack the juggle so that you can grow, thrive and  be content with your corner of the world. Managing family, home and work commitments takes effort, energy and enthusiasm. I'll help you find your way through.


You may be unsure as to how to grow your business, or how to define your niche, so that, the clients that would benefit from your specific skillset find you. You may struggle with your sense of worth, or translating your specific skills into what to charge.Developing your business, honing your professional skills and being business minded can feel complicated and overwhelming. You may find managing your home commitments a challenge. Plus, time for yourself? I've been working with people for about 25 years, so bring all of my skills with me, to help you be your best. 


Whether you are pivoting, growing or exiting your career, juggling home and work, or finding your sense of self worth, I can help!


I work face-face: at my consulting room in South Leicestershire, or online.

We will have a no cost 'meet & greet' to see if he chemistry works and we're a good fit.

The first appointment will last for 1.5 hour, this will give you and I enough time to cover what brings you to coaching, your overall goals and what specifically you want o focus on.

Further appointments last  1.5 hours and are usually spaced out at regular intervals e.g. monthly, so that you can begin to take the learning out of the consultation room and apply it to your business. 

Fees start at £150 per hour. 

For current availability and fees, get in touch by email - click here.

Or call 07541060950

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