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Why HRH Prince William needed supervision....

A recent BBC article highlighted how Prince William had found the impact of working as a pilot with East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) difficult, because of the emotional impact of working with trauma. Read the article here:

Here’s how supervision could have helped:

Supevision is really useful across roles where the aim is to help others. Generally, helping roles are linked to working with someone in distress, trauma or emotional need, so Prince William’s role as a pilot for EAAA, for example.

Supervision is not just about what happens in work, it is also about how this affects you. It is time with an independent professional to have a ‘safe’ place to help deal with the impact of the work. A skilled supervisor will help you recognise the times when it’s difficult to leave work at the front door, or in Prince William’s case, at the palace door! A supervisor can help you recognise the crossover between personal and professional life and what you may need to keep an eye on, so that you don’t become overwhelmed, burnt out or traumatised by the work. They can help you see when the work is starting to get to you, and as we all know, early intervention is really important when it comes to our wellbeing.

Many of those working in helping/caring roles that I support, find the supervisory space really useful to ‘put the work down’, and it sounds like Prince William could have benefitted from this.

So, get in touch, whether you are a member of the royal family (!), or if if you think supervision may be helpful for you to manage the impact of your work.

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