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Seabrook, M. (2019). 5 Unwritten Rules of Self-Care.  Retrieved from

Seabrook, M. (2018). Practising What We Preach. BACP Private Practice Journal, June 2018, 28-29. 


Key supervision books will be here...


Michael Carroll: a total legend in the world of supervision, in my opinion!

Carroll, M. (1996). Counselling supervision: theory, skills and practice. London: Cassell.

Carroll, M. (2007). One more time: What is supervision?. Psychotherapy in Australia, 13(3), 34.

Carroll, M. (2014). Effective supervision for the helping professions: London: Sage.

Joyce Scaife: such insightful work that captures the nuances in supervision

Scaife, J. (2003). Supervision in the mental health professions: A practitioner's guide: East Sussex: Brunner-Routledge.

Scaife, J. (2013). Supervision in clinical practice: A practitioner's guide. Routledge.





Key supervision books will be here....


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