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Seabrook, M. (2019). 5 Unwritten Rules of Self-Care.  Retrieved from

Seabrook, M. (2018). Practising What We Preach. BACP Private Practice Journal, June 2018, 28-29. 



Michael Carroll: a total legend in the world of supervision, in my opinion!

Carroll, M. (1996). Counselling supervision: theory, skills and practice. London: Cassell.

Carroll, M. (2007). One more time: What is supervision?. Psychotherapy in Australia, 13(3), 34.

Carroll, M. (2014). Effective supervision for the helping professions: London: Sage.

Joyce Scaife: such insightful work that captures the nuances in supervision

Scaife, J. (2003). Supervision in the mental health professions: A practitioner's guide: East Sussex: Brunner-Routledge.

Scaife, J. (2013). Supervision in clinical practice: A practitioner's guide. Routledge.

Check out Jim Holloway's supervision columns in the BACP Private Practice Journal. Jim dares to ask the sort of questions I try to engage with about supervision and looks critically at the process in supervision. His writing style is really engaging, humorous and Jim really knows his stuff.

Robin Shohet (in collaboration with others): he has been involved in writing some of the key supervision texts that have truly impacted and shaped the supervision profession:

Robin & Joan Shohet - In Love with Supervision (2020)

Shohet - Passionate Supervision (2007)\


Peter Hawkins & Robin Shohet - Supervision in the helping professions (2007) - a key text for understanding the dynamic in supervision. A really useable model that has been recognised throughout the helping professions. My own copy is well worn!

For reflective practice - Barbara Bassot has some brilliant books to prompt reflective thinking.





Podcasts that I listen to will be here....

Take a listen to 'Supervision with a vision' on Spotify and other podcast sites. I like this podcast because it is supervision specific and the episodes are short, so it's super easy to squeeze in a listen!

'Selling the Couch' by Dr Melvin Varghese is another favourite. Melvyn looks at the business side of therapy, which, in my opinion, is one of the challenges for us therapists! I like his relaxed presentation style and his authentic approach to the business behind therapy.


There are many that contribute research to the the supervision world, including Mary Creaner, Heidi Hutman, Vladislav Timulak, Michael Ellis, Edward Watkins Jnr, Allyson Davies, Liz Beddoe.