Organisational Supervision


Promoting good practice and  wellness in organisations comes from the top down. If your organisation helps other, taking your staff's self-care seriously demonstrates a real commitment to their overall wellbeing so that they can continue to offer good quality in their helping role and maintain their wellness. Plus you actively add to the potential to impact on staff sickness and overall productivity.


Waiting until staff are at crisis level is not good practice and in my experience prevention and maintenance is far better than cure.

How I can help

I can offer bespoke packages of supervision appointments in-house for all levels of practitioner (novice to management). They can be delivered as a group or on a one-to-one basis depending on your needs and preferences.

For mental health first aiders

If you have mental health first aiders they will need supervision! They will need to process the impact of what they encounter as well as the dynamics in having a dual-role within the organisation. Get in touch to see how I can help.

Example packages: 


Half day package (up 3.5 hours e.g. 9.15-12.15)

3 individual sessions 

or group of up to 6 staff members for 1.5 hours, plus 1 individual session.

Full day package (up to 5.5 hours)

5 individual sessions

or 1 group for up to 6 staff members for 1.5 hours, plus 3 individual sessions.

Please get in touch to discuss the most suitable options for your organisation. packages can be bespoke to your needs and fees will reflect this.

The process

The supervision appointments will cover all aspects of role resilience- looking at both professional and personal areas of distress or pressure and successes. Time is allowed for reflection and learning, as well as looking at strategies and techniques that could work to address areas of need and growth.


The aim is for staff to assertively engage with reflection on their practice, to set an intention to prioritise this and develop a plan of how be active in addressing resiliency in their role. With the ultimate aim to maximise personal and professional self-care and minimise stress overload. 


To monitor your staff resiliency  regular thematic reports can be offered as an extra to the consultancy packages. These maintain a level of confidentiality whilst providing senior management insight as to the 'hot spots' of stress areas for your workforce.

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help improve your organisation through supervision.