Consultancy and Support

One to one appointments

The key benefit of having an individual consultancy is discretion and flexibility. It means no organisational involvement and some clients prefer to 'own' their sessions.

The appointments will cover all aspects of your wellbeing - looking at both professional and personal areas of distress or pressure. Time is allowed for reflection as well as looking at strategies and techniques that could work to address your areas of need and growth. The aim is for you to assertively engage with your self-care, set your intention to prioritise this and develop a plan of how be active in addressing your wellbeing. With the ultimate aim to maximise your personal and professional self-care.

Maintenance is a crucial. So look at your appointments as your "check up from the neck up" for your overall wellbeing. 

Appointments last for hour and usually held at my private home office or can be online if this is more suitable.  Get in touch for my current fees.

Do get in touch and we can start a conversation towards your improved self-care.