This is what I do....

In my experience professionals need

1) a reflective place where they can offload, and 2) strategies to help them sustain their wellbeing both professionally and personally. This is where I come in. See it as a ‘check up from the neck up’. 

For organisations that want to support their staff wellbeing:

Embedding resilience and wellbeing as a priority will actually save you money, reduce staff turnover, reduce staff stress and therefore impact on sickness levels. It will demonstrate that you are a business/organisation that values staff and goes beyond the 'tick-box' of addressing stress ad wellbeing at work.

For those working in roles where you help others:

The theories around the impact of working in the helping professions are well researched and well respected, but in my opinion, the world of the helping professional does not need another phrase or theory that captures this. Instead they need someone who has worked at ground level, who understands the intensity of the work and is able to select from numerous 'tools' to help you help yourself to help others.


Why do I need this?

All too often support for wellbeing is done in two ways – work based ‘supervision’ designed to assess adherence to professional development and organisational targets, or crisis intervention when the staff member is one step away from being signed off work for a stress related illness.


The crisis intervention usually takes the form of an employee assistance programme (EAP) that offers time limited counselling sessions, which whilst useful for some, tend to be short-term ‘fixes’ of on-going issues. I bridge that gap by offering on-going support for workplace stress and self-care; the overlapping area between professional and personal stress.


How does it work?


There are a number of therapeutic theories and interventions that inform the consultancy, the aim is to provide the right balance between having somewhere to off-load with realistic, successful strategies and techniques to optimise your overall wellbeing. 


Having regular support is the key. Many of my clients have monthly/six weekly appointments, as it encourages the professional to be alert to the warning signs that may mean increased stress. The regular "check up from the neck up" encourages self-awareness of the strategies that need to be in place to avoid a well-being crisis, both professionally and personally, as one affects the other. I offer bespoke packages of support to provide on-going regular appointments that deliver a reflective and strategy-based headspace, to maintain overall wellness of the professional. 


It already works!

I already provide this service to a number of organisations. Working with individuals and organisations within private and the public sector, offering both group and individual appointments at regular timeframes that are individually tailored to fit. I also offer workshops and training events that focus on addressing the combination of professional and personal stressors, and how to recognise and manage these. 

I often work in partnership with fellow therapeutic colleagues...